Night Rituals to Relax & Sleep Well
For overwhelmed, exhausted or anxious people
70M+ people in America (21% of total)
suffer from sleep disorders.

98% chance that you are also among those
who felt irritated about inability to fall asleep
at least 2 times in the past month.
Sova App - night rituals for overwhelmed & exhausted people to relax & sleep well
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How it works
Yoga Stretching ~ 15 min
Ritual starts with light stretching workout to facilitate body relaxation
Breathing Exercises ~ 2 min
Then ritual continues with short breathing exercises to calm down the mind
Mental Body Relaxation ~ 3 min
Ritual finishes with mental body relaxation practice to maximize the effect and sleep well
No special equipment is required. Stretching workouts are really nice and easy. The ritual atmosphere is cozy and amazing. Just 20 minutes needed to feel your body relaxed, mind calmed down and sleep being on its way.
Sova Advantages
Medical Background
Efficiency is proven by medical researches and our med advisory's 40 years of practical experience
Personal Approach
To maximize app efficiency sleep ritual is built based on user's sleep data and answers about physical and emotional state
Best Practices
We saved your time, having analyzed 91+ competitors' app in 3 categories:
fitness, sleep & psychology and gathered best practices in Sova
No Hard Choice
All you need is just to press `Start Ritual` button. No hard choice what content to practice today meanwhile your workout will differ from yesterday's.
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Our Team
We work hard every day to develop the best relaxing app and help our users achieve calm & sleep well
Anna Aharodnikava
Anna is the head of our product. She spends hours to make Sova users feel care and enjoy falling asleep faster.

Anna is much into embodiment. She adores yoga & fitness and has been practicing it for the last 4 years. She tested more than 150 apps to find the best ones!

Due to a difficult personal situation she had her own experience of coping with insomnia and would love to help other people by creating the app that work best.
Pavel Urban
Pavel is a technical heart of Sova. He takes care of each code line in the app and thus you can see the final result of our efforts.

Pavel is a full stack developer with 8 years of experience! He has worked on a huge number of projects: from complicated banking back-office to food delivery applications.

At university he explored effective sleep techniques and now proposes amazing hypotheses for the app. In his spare time you may find Pavel riding a bike ;)
Nadezhda Mogilevchik
Med Advisor
Nadezhda created our app workouts. She is the mother of our medical approach. She wants to help everyone live without pain in the body.

She is a doctor with 40 years of experience the last 11 of which she has been a certified yoga therapy teacher and worked with people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous disorders, panic attacks, insomnia.

Nadezhda came from a family of hereditary doctors and medicine is her childhood dream that has come true!

Our Mission
To help people with nervous disorders (insomnia, stress, anxiety)
to calm down their minds
through embodiment practices for healthier wellbeing
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Sova App - night rituals for overwhelmed & exhausted people to relax & sleep well
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